Introduction for King Lion in My First Sketch Diary

Hi, everyone! <3

I'm going to write each entry with the sketching pictures in this sketch diary. I name the first sketch diary is King Lion. Why do I call it? Because of it brings me back to 2006 when I created King Lion the poetic story about racial couple and a false love. From testing now to 2016, nearly 2016, I'm going to use "Live Loi xx" at the end of each entry in this sketch diary.

What's my life? My life is I am who I am. No one can change who I am. No one want my own life means no one like who I am. So why should I change for them? Huh? Their loss have nothing to do with my life. So let me be feeling free to please in my life. This sketch diary is going to be the daily life, writing entries with the sketching pictures. Enjoy! Live Loi xx