Hi February

Hi February <3

Wishing you
a merry February
with fill of peace, love
and blessings!

<3  Live Loi <3

Give thanks to the LORD,
for He is good;
His faithful love endures forever. 

<3  Psalm 107:1 <3

I want to add my two old lyrical poems to this blog for the merry February. The name of them are "Every day Love" and "Love".

"Every day Love"

I need to set up
a good example
for my congregation
I need to show love
to my brothers and sisters
no matter they are not perfect
We need to love
to each other every day
Why do we need the daily love?
Because if we don't love
to each other,
then we are dead
So always love
to each other
And love to one another
Also love your enemy
no matter if he hate you
We need to have the daily love
This is what Jesus wants
He commands us
to 'love thy neighbour as thyself'
But sadly, the world is not a lover
The world is a hater
They always hate
to each other
We don't want to copy that
We want to copy Jesus and the Father
God is love that we humans
cannot understand
LOVE is the TOP quality
of mankind
So every day love is needed.



Love, love you
Love, love me
Kiss, kiss you
Kiss, kiss me
Before chat, chat with me
As your wish comes true
Love me kiss, with passion
Tight, tight me stick to you
Tight me, see me through
With all you want to protect me

Surprise, surprise me
I'm into your charms
Take me in your arms
And make a perfect love
Love, love me darling
Then, kiss me everyday
Make your wishes come true
Love me tonight

Love, love you
Love, love me
Kiss, kiss you
Kiss, kiss me
I love you
Love you


Live Loi xx