Hello April

Hello April

Wishing you
a productive
April with
fill of love, relax
and happiness.

I will make them and the 
places all around My hill a
blessing; and I will cause
showers to come down in
their season; there shall be
showers of blessing.

*Ezekiel 34:26*

I want to add my two old lyrical poems to this blog for a productive April. The name of them are "Breathe Me" and "AeoloiE".

"Breathe Me"

Oh, I feel so cold inside and I need a heater
Stop embrace me not, man, you must not be a cheater
Hug me and heat me
You hold me and not cheat me
Your heart is connected to me
Your body is stick against mine
That's feeling; we touch
Man, you give me air too much

You breathe me
Yea, you breathe me

Oh, I feel heat from you
Tonight you come to hold me
'Cause there is cold outside
You have muscle as a tough man
So take me in your arm
And making me feel you touch
Man, you give me air too much

You breathe me
Yea, you breathe me



Do you feel me blowing?
Oh, do you?

This song has AeoloiE, me
That makes a sound of the wind
I got you to see
That I'm here to bind...

...you, oh, oh, oh

It's the sense, it's a feelin'
I was soarin' up, now I'm soaring down, hmm-mmm

I got my body back, you can meet me
From your heart and mind you got yourself, you see
Who's care if people think I'm not here
They're so wrong; I'm here
To bind you, oh, oh, oh

I'm going to soar up
If you need me, I'm going to soar down
I'm AeoloiE, hmm-mmm
You know I'm AeoloiE, hmm-mmm


Live Loi xx