Hola junio

¡Deseándote un
junio con relleno
de amor, alegría
y felicidad!
  <3Live  Loi<3

Jehová es bueno, fortaleza
en el día de la angustia;
y conoce a los que en él

  <3Nahum 1:7<3

I want to add my two old lyrical poems to this blog for a lovely June. The name of them are "A Hope for a Single Lady" and "Plan for the Wedding Day".

"A Hope for a Single Lady"

There's no man go after me,
Not even more men go after me 
What can I do?

Ah, there is a hope for a single lady 
A single lady is satisfied to enjoy herself 
While she is alive, she's happy 
Tell me what you think of a single lady?
Should I be like her?
Every woman encourage me to be like her 
Why should I be like a single lady?
Because I am never known 

if there is a man out there who want to go after me.


"Plan for the Wedding Day"

In my life I did acting good to the man
And if he continue to act good to me 
Then we are meant to stack for the future wedding day 
(Nearest future wedding day)

Plan for the wedding day is special for me and for my man
And to keep stacking for the future wedding day 
(Nearest future wedding day)
My man and I together are dancing around and around 
A solo singer will sing for us 

After the wedding day,
My man and I were having a pleased time together 
We hope that our marriage is in happiness ever after our family 

We, our marriage stay stick forever as we hope 

Live Loi xx