Hello July

Wishing you
a blessed July
and may the
richest blessings be
upon you, your family
and friends. God bless 
*Live Loi*

Stand fast therefore in the liberty
wherewith Christ hath made us free,
and be not entangled again with the
yoke of bondage.

Galatians 5:1*

I want to add my two old lyrical poems to this blog for July. The name of them are "Beach Babe" and "Free Country".

"Beach Babe"

You don't want to live in my country, me too,
But you only want to visit to my country 
While I live with you
And while you live with me, too
So your plan is to visit my country
And visit to the beach
And get a picture of me as a beach babe
Lie down during the sun
But don't get burn yourself
Neither have I got burn myself
Will you go and swim in the shadow of the ocean?
If you do, I'll be happy to go with you too
Beach babe, have fun and enjoy your self
Enjoy yourself while you are a beach babe
And either I enjoy myself while I'm a beach babe
"Free Country"

Come on, babe, you don't want to look at me
And you don't want me to look at you, too
I don't mind it's a free country to stare at, free
Would you look at me?
But you look at the sunset
It's time for you to take me home
And not left me out to roam
You've got to have me
You don't have others
Its good babe pushes the gals out of you
But they are with your brothers
Whew, you have me

Come on, babe, don't look at the gals
Cos they're with your brothers
You've got to have me
You don't have others
Don't feel stuck with me
Cos it's free...Free country!


Live Loi xx