Hello September

May September
brings you
peace, love and
hope fill your 
*Live Loi*

I can do all things through
Christ who strengthens me.
*Philippians 4:13*

I want to add my two old lyrical poems to this blog for September. The name of them are "Facial Expression" and "Teach Me French".

"Facial Expression"

Facial expression is not the voice to say
But it is the gesture to say
If you know sign language,
You can date any deaf girl you want
But, if you can't find a deaf girl you want,
Then you love your new language so much
Until you find a deaf girl that is feeling touch

Now Arnaud, you are happy to have me
And so I do
I love you
(Je t'aime)
Je t'aime
Je t'aime
Je t'aime


"Teach Me French"

Teach me French
A beautiful language
You and I can sit down on a bench
I can write "Le Langue du Francais beau"
On my folder and notebook
Then you teach me French
You give me a French book
I don't have to show you my teeth clench

'Because I'm not nervous
I know you a lot
Teach me French, I'm not nervous
People tell me, "You don't need to learn French"
So what, maybe they are jealous about my zeal is to learn French
And you will be happy to teach me French
Any person can't stop me learning French

Teach me French
Don't give up teaching me French
I love you teach me French


Live Loi xx