Hello November

Wishing you
a thankful November
filled with Love,
Peace and Happiness!
{}Live Loi{}

Give thanks in everything,
for this is God's will for you in
Christ Jesus.
{}1 Thessalonians 5:18{}

I want to add my two old lyrical poems to this blog for November. The name of them are "Supper Preparation" and "Enjoy Your Meal".

"Supper Preparation"

Feed me everyday
You're preparing my favourite meal
I love the way...
You prepare my favourite meal
Supper preparation is your duty


"Enjoy Your Meal"

Dinner time

Never miss the dinner
When you got out of your directing work,
You are ahead to our home
Gather you and me
The perfect time that you order me
To prepare the supper

You don't miss the dinner
When you should eat
So, enjoy your meal
And get your satisfaction
You don't miss the dinner
Cos you always enjoy your meal (2x)

You stay with me
And eat with me
You eat dinner as always
You want no waste the dinner
For saving the money from expensive restaurant
You may want to keep your directing job
Until you are gone to the paradise


You don't want to miss the dinner
Enjoy your meal as much as you can before you are ahead to the paradise



Live Loi xx