Hi December

Wishing you
a joyful December
filled with Love,
Peace and Joy!
*Live Loi*

And suddenly a voice came
from heaven, saying,
"This is My beloved Son,
in whom I am well pleased."
*Matthew 3:17*

I want to add my two old lyrical poems to this blog for December. The name of them are "You and Me" and "Blue Sky".

"You and Me"

High above the clouds,
Far across the blue sky
I can hear you calling out my name
Warmer than summer
And colder than winter
I can see you are shinning brighter like an angel
And so on and on this heavenly home
Fly around like a dove fly over the shinning light
If I could reach the heaven from the world
The secrets I can share with you
But you already know
Because you are always with me
You and me
Were meant to spread out the wings
And fly higher than the clouds
We'll sail across the blue sky
That is what we feel soaring and floating up so high
You and I were meant to fly
Sailing the shine like a dove
High on his wings of beauty
You believe in I'm a cutie
I feel colder than winter, heat me
Glide on me gently
That is what I feel good
Want to keep flying

Free from you and me be separated


"Blue Sky"

You and I can fly
Across the blue sky

You and I can fly
Across the blue sky
'Til we come back to the land
You and I can reach the clouds and...
Across the sunlight
Let our light
Be shinning to the world

Then you and I
Come back to the land
And shine to the world
Where it brings to peace and...
Love, love, love the ones
Yes, just you and I
Fly back to the blue sky


Live Loi xx