Bonjour Mars

May your March
be filled of
peace, love
~Live Loi~

For as the earth produces
its growth,
and as a garden enables
what is sown to spring up,
so the Lord God will cause
righteousness and praise
to spring up before all
the nations.~ Isaiah 61:11

Here is my 2014 lyrical poem from the poetic album "Love & Beauty" called "Do Not Meet a Man".

"Do Not Meet a Man"
Written by Love Loi in 2014

How dare a man hurt you?
Just because of your beauty?
You're so cute woman, a cutie
And I see no men ever go near you

Don't worry; you are going to be alright
Don't meet a man
'Cause it's nice for you to spend yourself alone
And love yourself
And maybe the right man will come to meet you and love you

Feel regret of not having a love, don't
'Cause worst thing is you will love yourself
You keep searching a love, you love yourself
Do you want to feel sexy?
Try classy
Maybe its work for you
But think of a man's feeling

Do not meet a man
Do not meet a man
Get to have a love,
Be patient, he will come, meet, and love you

Love yourself first
Feel thirst,
Be patient, he will come, meet, and love you
You are fine without a man