Salut Avril

May your April
be filled of
love, peace
~Live Loi~

Let us strive to know
the LORD.
His appearance is as sure
as the dawn.
He will come to us like the
like the spring showers that
water the land. ~ Hosea 6:3

Here is my 2014 lyrical poem from the poetic album "Love & Beauty" called "Colour"

Written by Love Loi in 2014

I explore the many beautiful women
And I see that they are always colour their face
Wow, their men are feeling so impressed
But the single men don't look at me

Because I don't colour my face that much
I always stay at home
And write a new poem
That is not a good thing

I want to colour, colour, and colour
Colour my face
I want to colour, colour, and colour
Colour my face
I'm going to colour my face
Now I colour my face
So look at me,
What colour do you see?

I colour purple on my face
I coloublack on my face
I coloublue on my face
I coloured on my face
I colouwhite on my face
I coloupink on my face
Etc. etc. etc. but I colour colourful on my face

Tony told me that staying at home a lot is causing to acne my face
Is that true? Maybe yes
Because of that when I'm staying at home,
It is much boring, in which possible for me to feel stress
The point is, staying at home a lot is nothing to colour my face
And if I get out of home a lot, I can colour my face that much
mama encouraged me to colour my face for a man to feel so impressed
Also, it is a nice idea when I travelled to many different places,
I should always colour my face and so that the different good men will come and meet me
Colour the women's faces are the most beautiful in the world!