Hola junio

Que su junio
esté lleno de
amor, alegría
~Live Loi~

Cantad a Jehová cántico nuevo;    Cantad a Jehová, toda la tierra.
Cantad a Jehová, bendecid su nombre;Anunciad de día en día su salvación.
~Salmos 96:1-2

Here is my 2014 lyrical poem from the poetic album "Love & Beauty" called "White Columbine".

"White Columbine"
Written by Love Loi in 2014

White, white columbine

I'm flying to the blue sky
Flying away from home
A sweet escape, but remains to cry
So I'm caged and I write the love poems
And I still analyse the truth

Of the scriptures and marriage
Those are what I need to know

If I let you cage me,
How long will you keep me?
Until you get boring and set me free
This is what the truth set me free me
Thank for White Columbine
White, white columbine

I'm getting a wing and go to the blue sky
For seeing what the doves do
And you will see what clarify
To you and you

You will no longer grabbing me
Because it's a freedom in flying kingdom
Although you may not accept that way
But I thank you that you make my day

And so I'm happy to fly
I don't need to be caged and cry
The beautiful thing is you let me do what I love and that love me
Now I'm free and free
And I won't fly back to where I was
White, white columbine

White, white columbine
White, white columbine